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Things to Consider When Choosing a Product

  • The size of the boat
  • What the boat will be used for
  • The speed of the boat
  • The possibility of submerging the bow in rough seas
  • The weight of the glass
This chart may help

The numbers are based on a window size of 600mm x 760mm (24″ x 30″) and shows the approximate PSI (pounds per square inch) water pressure required to break glass of different types and thickness. The chart is only accurate if the mounting wall is sturdy and rigid.

Description PSI Total Surface Pressure (lbs.) Glass Weight per sq. ft. (lbs.)
6mm (1/4") Laminated Safety Glass 1.5 1080 3
10mm (3/8") Laminated Safety Glass 4.5 3200 5
6mm (1/4") Tempered Glass 10 7200 3
10mm (3/8") Tempered Glass 20 14400 5

Please note:

As the size of the window decreases, the resistance to breakage will increase, and vice versa.

This chart is only a guide and is not to be interpreted as a guarantee or representation on the part of Marinelite Windows Limited as to the effectiveness of this product in conditions other than those under the use and control of Marinelite Windows Limited.

You must also consider the strength and rigidity of the wall. A weak or flexing wall will dramatically lower these numbers. Two windows installed without a rigid wheelhouse post between them will cause the two windows to be 1/4 as strong as they would be with a post in place.

Care and Maintenance

Our PVC frames do not require any special care. To keep them looking new, use a vinyl cleaner/protector.

Our sliding windows have water drainage passages. It is important to keep these free of debris for reliable operation. Care should be taken during construction to keep wood chips, fibreglass particles and debris away from the slider tracks.


Fixed Windows

Due to the design of our clamp-on fixed windows, the only possibility of any leaks are if the sealant/adhesive is not applied properly. The sealant/adhesive actually bonds the glass pane to the wheelhouse exterior wall. Therefore, any leak will be due to installation or possibly the gelcoat, paint or other finish defects or flaking at the point where the sealant/adhesive contacts the wall.
If your window leaks it can be resealed by adding sealant to the perimeter.

Windows that Open

Our opening windows are weather-tight and can withstand a lot of water and high winds but due to moving parts and tolerance necessary for parts to move, opening windows cannot be considered water-tight. The weather seals and hardware are warrantied against manufacturers defects for a period of 2 years from date of purchase.

Silicone spray can be used to protect the seals and will help keep the sliding parts operating more easily.

PVC Frames

The PVC frame and other rigid PVC parts are warrantied against manufacturing defects, cracking, blistering or warping for a period of 5 years. Discolouration due to the sun’s UV rays, weathering or other outdoor conditions do not harm the operation and quality of the window.

Vinyl cleaners and protectors can be used to protect and enhance the look of the window at any time.



Safety Glass
Safety glass comes in two general types. Safety tempered and safety laminated.

Safety Tempered Glass
Glass that is heat treated then cooled in a controlled environment to improve tensile strength. This type of glass will shatter into many small pieces when under stress but can withstand four to five times more pressure than safety laminated glass.

Safety Laminated Glass
Two of more layers of regular glass bonded to an intermediate layer of PVB (poly vinyl butyral) film. If broken, the PVB layer keeps the glass shards together reducing the likelihood of injury.

Heated Glass, available in two types
Electrically heated window consisting of either fine conductive wires or a special clear film laminated between the two layers of glass. Current is passed through to create a heated surface. See our Heated Glass Information for electrical specifications.

Polycarbonate / Lexan
Rigid plastic that is easy to handle and can be cut to size with a saw. It is less susceptible to breakage than glass. Scratches very easily. Can be purchased for a much higher cost with a mar resistance coating. This product will not stand up to sunlight and other outdoor elements as well as glass.

Acrylic / Plexiglass
Rigid plastic that is more difficult to cut without damage. Usually cut by scoring and breaking off like glass. Scratches less easily that uncoated polycarbonate but is much more brittle on impact and can be dangerous due to the large sword like pieces that are created when broken.


Fixed Window
A window that does not open.

Horizontal Sliding Window
A window that slides back and forth on horizontal tracks.

Vertical Sliding Window
A window with glass that slides up and down on vertical tracks.

Half Drop Window
A window with two pieces of glass. One piece is fixed and the other slides up and down. Can be setup to open from the top or from the bottom.

Full Drop Window
A single glass sliding window that opens downwards to create a fully open window.

Clamp-on Window
A window frame designed so that an inside frame is fastened to the main frame clamping the window in place. No screw holes are made in the bulkhead with a clamp-on window. Marinelite windows are of the clamp-on type.


Meeting Post
A set of two frame bars placed on the edge of two panels of sliding glass, usually in the center and hook into each other when the window is closed.

Mounting Flange
The perimeter flange or extension of the window frame that is parallel to the glass pane. This is where sealant is applied during installation.

Radius Corners
An arc or bend in the corner of a fabricated window. The radius is usually calculated from the cutout in the wheelhouse. Marinelite use a 3 1/4″ radius at the hole cut.

A perimeter flange 90 degrees to the window glass. It is a male fitting that fits into the bulkhead cutout.

No water penetration under a ten foot head pressure.

The resistance to the weather and outdoor elements. Weather-tightness is not necessarily waterproofing but rather ensuring against undue dampness and damage to the interior. A good opening window is considered weather-tight and is designed to drain away any water that enters into the frame channels.

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